The Creator

Finn Karstens

Nice to meet you!

My Name is Finn Karstens and i am 34 years old. Born in Eckernförde and grown up at the german coast, the rough weather prepared me for the challenges of life.

I studied Multimedia Production at the University in Kiel where i also supervise a module about using the modern technique of drones for films. But mainly I work as a Mediaproducer in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and all over the world.

My work consists of creating my Productions by one hand. So I am doing everything from the Concept over the Production until the Postproduction on my own. Where I need help, I ask professionals for help.

Life creates the best stories. For me it's always a challenge to catch the right moments to cause
emotions for the spectator.

My clients appreciate my versatility and flexibility. For what I can't do by myself I will find a way!

By having varied projects I can keep the passion about Film.



Together we create the first ideas and write a script.

Production (Filming)

Togehter with a Team and you I make the Idea come reality.

Postproduction (Raw-/Final cut, Sounddesign, Color Correction, Creating Graphics/Animations, Music Composition)

After we finished the Production part we make a first Raw Cut. We choose the right emotional music and make graphics and animations if needed. Finally we add a color correction to create the cinematic look.

Final Acceptance, Encoding

After we finished everything and you are happy with the final result we give you the final version for your choice of use.

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